Sunday, January 23, 2011

Xoxo hugs and kisses Xoxo

Once upon a time there was a girl who never had a hand knitted sweater, so she looked near and far for the perfect match to put on her body. Not to far she found it! then she went on her quest for the yarn and needles to make it. After sweat and tears she finely finished it! she tried it on and it was the perfect fit as it hugged and kissed her curves. I don't know how long it took me to make but I finally took some pictures of my first knitted sweater that I was making as a group sweater knit along. The color I wanted to be different then the traditional fisherman sweater. The only thing I wished I did different was making it a little longer. This sweater did not take much yarn at worries about the yarn not giving was not the case.In fact I had 1 skein left over! I did not do any fancy ways of making the sweater. It was made the traditional way. front, back and both sleeves, blocked and sew the pieces together. If you are interested in the pattern its a old leaflet from leisure arts, that my mother had on hand. I posted a pic also. If you know me I am easily fascinated with anything knitted and crochet. I love being inspired by other peoples knitted garment. Here are a few pics that I Found that just have to be posted on my blog and shared with you.

this is the leaflet i made the sweater from

these shorts are cute!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, New Week

So I guess you would say I started off the new year with a bang!! ok ok maybe a bust... I was not so successful on writing everyone first thing and wishing them a Happy New Year. So I am wishing you a new week! What normally comes with the new year is new year be honest I am not a big fan of.I would say for the most part I cant stick by them. Surprise enough I am going to try set goals (same thing no?) and do things that always caught my attention and do things i never did before. I know being crafty has its down falls and perks. I feel already there is not enough time to make everything I want and not enough yarn to make them (or crafty supplies) lol but with that said with Ravelry has been an addiction like facebook is to most people (coughs) Ravelry is an addiction, I just had to get that off my chest haha, But then again I would not come across so many great projects and inspirations. I tried a new look on makeup and also did my 2 hats for ravelry hat swap. One is the "ear-flap" hat swap and the other is "your favorite color 2". With the hats completed its now goodies shopping! I am posting a pic of the hat and cowl I made for the favorite color swap. I also did my nails, and the new look of makeup. The nails are pink tips with glitter tip. The make-up is turquoise and purple and brown.The hat is a modified version of a hat, holding a turquoise worsted and variegated worsted together to make a little chunky. Made a bow to put on the side with the Turquoise yarn. The bow is " Little Bow Peep" pattern I have on my blog. Link for ravelry:

Work has been going good. I had been doing allot more make-up applications and lessons. I had a woman come in and got a new hair cut for the new year and wanted a new look. She had a few concerns she was worried about. She started off saying, I want clear looking skin, healthy glow, my eyes are deep set and would like them to pop! So we did just that. here is the before and after. I gave her most key thing I tell all my ladies. If trying a new look practice at home, when you have no where to go and don't feel pressured. Most importantly...have fun make-up can wash right off and you can start over!

p.s. I almost forgot i got a new hair cut and color! I never colored my hair before now my hair is no longer a virgin lol so i had this virson and came to one the best hair-stylist at my work and told her and she cut it. I was having a bad day and was telling her how i wanted red pika-bo's and she said, " I have this great color" and ran back and started putting pika-bo's in my hair. I asked how much I owe you for those and she said, "Marry Christmas!" she made my day! I have to say she made me addicted to pika-bo's now.