Monday, November 29, 2010

Hats off to you!

I am so excited! I got this package in the mail, coverd in red snowmen that yes I will admit the first thing came to mind was a pair of pj's I own lol and ran to the kitchen to grab some scissors (note: I did not run back with scissors "cough")and opened my package. It was my hat from the cables and lace hat swap hosted on Ravelry!It was one of the hats I qued and been dieing to make but been so busy with other knitting projects never started. Along with the amazing hat I got goodies! I will list left to right: * girl tweezer, * skull tissues, *fork-spoon, * candy, * monkey key cover, * Stitch markers, * 2 ornaments, * 2 skiens of knit picks yarn in a great shade of purple! I made a hat for my partner but cant post any pics yet cause she has not recieved it yet. I am in one more hat swap, but this one is a suprise. It's called the "secret hat swap" you make your partner a hat on there wish list. Your parnter has no idea who you are or what your making, until they get it in the mail :) I been busy with hats swaps and between that personal projects. I will be posting pictures of other finished projects when I get a chance. I dont know if anyone really reads my post...but I will give this a try. Does anyone have great holiday wrapping ideas for swaps/ gift giving on knit or crochet projects you make?

I been also doing make-up! and nails. I am going to share a few pics of some makeup looks and nails I did, hopefully they inspire you. I did these in the summer/fall. under each pic I will list the colors I used.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Urban Turban

HI everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying this fall weather as much as I am.I notice that on my blog I havent posted any knit patterns really besides the lace scarf. Seeing all over the web and in stores and fashion magazines knitted turbans (there is diffrent takes on it) I was inspired to make my own. This is one of many crochet/Knit versions of a pattern I am doing. This pattern is supper easy and cute! the concept is same for both patterns. You can use worsted weight yarn or a bulky. It's all up to you and the desierd look you are going for. I made 2 in a sitting of NCIS :) quick gifts. The crochet version I used worsted weight and the knit version bulky weight with seed stitch. Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to send me pictures of your finished items from my patterns at:

With Studying for my state licence I been running around looking for a job and meeting up with old friends. I have to say Fall is one my favorite seasons. With Thanksgiving coming, I can't wait for those pumpkin pies, apple pies and good old comfort food. I am not big on yard work that comes with this season but I do love the diffrent colors of the leaves. Why not wear your new turban while doing that? keeping your ears warm, with out ruining your hair. So if your not a hat kind of gal. Then try this out trust me you will love it, and you can wear this chic head band 3 ways!

Urban Turban Knit version
Supplies: *sewing needle
*size 17# knitting needle
* 1 skien of Lion brand wool-ease Thick and Quick or any thick/ bulky yarn (uses less then a skein)
Note: You can use any weight yarn just change needle size and cast on more stitches. Uses less then one skien and fits teen/adult head.

Co. 8 sts
Working seed stitch:
R1- K1, P1, across
R2- P1,K1, across
repeat for pattern. I knitted my head band until measured 18 1/2" inches. Key to this is you want to make headband fit around head but not be to loose or too tight. Then fasten off and twist piece and sew ends together. remember to pull tight to get the gatherd effect. Enjoy!

Urban Turban Crochet Version
* sewing needle
* 1 skein of Worsted Weight yarn I used cascade yarn 220 superwash
* size J crochet hook

Ch 13, dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in every stitch across, ch 3 turn = 10dc
R2-until desired leangh: Dc in every stitch across, ch 3 turn = 10 dc
Crochet until band fits comfortable around your head. Remember to measure as you go. You can use bulker weight yarn if desired. Then fasten off weave in ends and twist headband and sew ends together.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inspired Desire

So, as all of you know I was knitting for my boyfriend....and he requested a ton of things. I was not sure if a) he was going to give them to his buddies b) wear them or c) sell them in a dark alley but I made them anyways and crossed my fingers and hope its b, he would wear them. I finished [puddles scarf] This scarf came out nice and the one word came to my mind….SEXY!!! love it! softy, squishy, and stylish. This is one of the many things, He is 6’2 so he wanted not a long scarf but not a short one either. I knited it 80” long I highly recommend this pattern this is what I used.

Then I finished the italian hat Onda su onda I have mix feelings for this pattern let me just say that, I plan on making a neckwarmer to match. It looks nice but the decreases look wonky. Anywho my bf is not modeling it cause I said he can't have it untile the neckwarmer is complete.

The [Boyfriend hat] from Stephanie is fast and simple and think its my bf favorite. I will post some pics of the goodies.

On second note, I was inspired from this Japanise girls hat and had to make it. The hat came out cute and I will be donating it to snug-hugs.

Green Mint Japanese Slouch
This hat was inspired by a hat a japanese girl wore. I don't remeber where I seen this picture. But I knew I had to make it. I loved the colors so, looking through my yarn stash I found a Turquise (one of my favorite colors) wosted weight yarn and a fancy ribbon yarn from Plymouth yarn *carnivala Italian collection* I will be donating this hat to charity. If you like to know how to make this cute hat here is what you will need.

size 8# circular needle
size 8# double ponited needles (of 4)
1 skein of worsted weight yarn ( The color I used is Turquise)
1 skein of Plymouth yarn carnivala italian collection (note i cut the ribbons out in the end)
1 stitch marker
gauge is not really important since the body is knitted with worsted weight yarn and its a slouch.
PSM: place stitch marker M1: make one (make a stitch by knitting throught the back loop) or Inc (increase) MC: main color NY: Novelty yarn
Gauge of worsted yarn: no.8 needle 9sts to 2 inches 6 rows to 1 inch in stockinette.

With MC co. 72 sts, join to work in the round, being careful not to twist PSM.
R1-14: K2, P2, or work for 7 rounds, if you dont want a thick band.
R15: * K1,M1, K1, P2* repeat around (90sts)
R16: Knit around (90sts)
R17:K9, Inc (working on 10th st) around (99sts)
R18: Knit around (99sts)
R19-21: Change to NY (novelty yarn) knit around (99sts)
R22-25: MC knit around (99sts)
repeat sequence knit 4 rounds of main color, 3 rounds of ribbon until desired look. I did rows 3 of novelty.
Decreases: to be honest I don't remember but i know i started to dec like follow:
knit 2 together, knit 8 sts repeat around, then every following row will be, one less so...knit 2 together, knit 7 sts and so on. Remember to change to double pointed needles and fasten off. If you find a better way to decrease for this paticular hat let me know. Sorry the pattern is a little vague I did this in the wind.Opetional: pom-pom can make a pom-pom to go on top of the hat like the girl. I linked pattern on ravelry so go post your finished projects :D

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.