Wednesday, December 23, 2009

♥ Sunny Side up ♥

I was eating toast and eggs, when a light went of : I got it, a little sunny side up egg Amigurumi!!! :D I thought would be the perfect friend for my toast. They hit it off like peanut butter and jelly like 2 pea’s and a pod. Hehe you get the idea ;) This is one of my Amigurumi patterns I will be sharing with you guys. I have a few more. Its funny how most of my Amigurumi are food related. The toast you see pictured is not my design. I modified it, which you can see on my project page on Ravelry with the details. If you like the pattern for the toasty, check out;

♥ ♥ Sunny Side Up- Egg Amigurumi ♥ ♥
You will need:
* Safety pin (great stitch marker)
* E# crochet hook* Stuffing* 6mm black bead* fingering or sport yarn in yellow (yoke) and white (egg white)
Yoke: Ch 2, work 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook, join =6 sts
R2: Ch 1, work 2 sc in every st around =12 sts
R3: Ch 1, work 2 sc first st (inc), sc in next st, 2 sc in next st, rep around. = 18 sts
R4: Sc around= 18 sts
R5: Work 2 sc in first st, sc in the next 2 sts, work 2 sc rep around = 24 sts Fasten off
Egg White: with white yarn and hook join yarn to egg yoke.
Ch 1, work 2 sc in first st, sc in next 3 sts, inc, rep around = 30 sts
R2: Sc around= 30 sts
Now free style around egg. Place double crochets and half double crochets around. Much like a real egg not regular shape. Have fun! ♥

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow, Cone and a handful of yarn

This is the original inspiration. My friends mother knits and she free styled this scarf. I loved it so much i designed one similar to it and sent her the pattern. I am sharing the pattern with you.
Flower Lace Scarf
By: Yesenia J. Robledo

Needle: 11# straight needle
#H/8-5.00mm and #F/5-3.75mm crochet hook
Sewing needle
1 pearl bead
Fingering or DK weight yarn yards? ##

Body of scarf:
Long tail CO. 30 sts
R2# Purl
R3# K2tog,yo, rep across (29sts)
Continue last 2 rows for pattern rep until measure 8” [20 cm] inches.
**Dec Row: k2tog across k last st (16sts)
Next Row: (RS) Knit (16sts)
Next Row: (WS) Purl (16sts)
Rep last 2 rows for 2” inches [5 cm] ending with a (WS)
Next Row: (increase row) (P1,yfwd) 15 times. P1, (30 sts) **
Work in lace pattern for 19”-20” [45.5cm], ending with wrong side.
Work from **to** once more.
Work in Lace Pattern for 8” inches [ 20cm],ending with wrong side row. Cast off.
With Ws of work facing, pick up and knit 16 sts along first decrease row.
Next row: (WS) Purl
Next row: (RS) Knit
Rep for 2”inches [5cm] Cast off. Sew in position along increase row.

With (H) crochet hook
Chain 3. Join to form a ring.Round 1: Chain 6. In ring, dc, ch 3, 4 times. Join in 3rd chain of ch 6.Round 2: Sl st in next ch 3 space, ch 1. Sc, hdc, 3 tc, hdc, sc, in same ch 3 space. *Sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc in next ch 3 space. Repeat from * 3 times. End with sc in starting ch 1.Round 3: Chain 5, sc in back row, 5 times.Round 4: Sl st in chain 5 space, ch 1. *Sc, hdc, 5 tr, hdc, sc, in ch 5 space. Repeat from * 4 times. End with sl st in back row in sc 2 rounds below.Round 5: Chain 7, sc in back row, 5 times.Round 6: Sl st in chain 7 space, ch 1. *Sc, hdc, 7 tr, hdc, sc, in ch 7 space. Repeat from *
Fasten off, sew purl bead to center of flower. Sew flower to front of scarf. Pull scarf through loop.

With (F) Crochet hook
Row 1: Fasten yarn to bottom of scarf. Ch 1, sc 40 sts across.
Row 2: 3 dc,ch 5, 3 dc over 5 ch; ch 1, 3 dc, ch 5, 3 dc over next 5 ch, repeat across.
Row 3: * Ch 4, sc over 5 ch, twice, ch 5, sc ever 5 ch, ch 4, over 5 ch twice, ch 2, sc over 1 ch, ch 2, sc over next 5 ch, repeat from *. Fasten off repeat lace edge on other end of scarf.


Hello my Fiber friends! :D I am excited and exhausted while telling my self to take pictures of this new lace scarf . I could put the pictures along with the free pattern. It was exciting cause I got a chance to play in the snow (see how cozy my knits were) before conquering the truck load of snow off the drive way. Instead of rewarding myself with a nice cup of hot chocolate, I grabbed a ice cream cone. I know, I know but no matter how much you tell me this is crazy. I love my ice cream. I mean don’t get me wrong, I will sit down with a nice hot cup of coco, but there is those days I grab a bowl (yes not cup) of ice cream. The exhausting part, besides shoveling snow. Is the last minute Christmas shopping and Gift knitting. Phew!!! I am almost finished. I hope you like the pattern! I will be posting more (ok tons more) patterns in the future. So, keep on checking. I will be having crochet, knit and felt projects. I am excited to say I have a Amigurumi waiting to meet you guys. I will also post the pattern soon. ^__^ If you have any questions about this pattern please feel free to email me and if your on Ravelry check me out: fiber-fashionista I want to see your finished projects so, send me your user name on Ravelry, if not Ravelry send a finished picture. I would love to see how yours turned out.

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